A Few Words About Us

Mark III Signs, Inc. is a team of highly experienced, engineers and graphic designers, located in Atlanta, GA.

The company was founded in 1972 by Joe Connell and incorporated in 1977. Originaly it was founded to make Open/Closed signs.  It’s first big job was the parking lot signs for the Louisiana Superdome.  While the neon interior have long been replaced the boxes are still in use today.  Mark III grew from there to be a leader in sign design manufacturing and installation.  We have exterior and interior signs all over the East coast with multiple clients.  Mark III is owned and run by Mark Connell who joined the company with in 1992.

king and spalding sign

King & Spalding Project

This project took nine months to complete. It was designed, engineered, permited and installed by Mark III Sings, Inc.

Kinetic Credit Union

This project was designed for the changeover of TIC Federal Credit Union to Kinetic Credit Union.

SunTrust Business Center

Project for SunTrust Business Center in Richmond, VA. Picture shows the signature sign on the building.

SunTrust Bank

This project was designed for the changeover of Trust Company Bank and Sun Bank to SunTrust in 1994.

Who We Are

Mark Connell


Martin Connell

Vice President

Gene Meany

Project Manager

Steve Stanley

Installing Manager

Ramona S.

Graphic Designer

Andrew Nifenecker

Project Manager